Thursday March 3rd, 2011 23:02 Hollywood Guided Tours

Do you plan on visiting Hollywood soon? If yes, then you will probably need a guided tour. Tours help you get the most out of your money and time. Led by a guide, you are less likely to miss chance sightings like Clint Eastwood jogging down the road or Britney spears picking the latest glossy. Also, if you are a first time traveller, taking a group tour is a good way of staying safe. In this article, we tell you what to expect of a guided tour of the Hollywood.

If you go along the three famous Boulevards: Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, you will have seen the most important landmarks of the area. Hollywood Boulevard will show you to the Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and a number or other landmarks. If you are interested in schmoozing in the expensive way, head to Beverly Hills or Malibu. A number of studios offer guided tours but the one by Universal studios stands out. Hollywood stars sometimes shop in the stores along the Sunset Boulevard.

The Hollywood is brimming with landmarks. Once there, you will probably want to see everything but sadly enough, this isn’t always possible. Try to choose a package that focuses on the thing you would like to do the most in Hollywood. As an instance, you may choose to see stars, see movies being shot or visit historical places. Be sure to let your agent and then the guide know your interests. If you are more of a backpacker or a traveller of thought, use your feet to your advantage. If you like walking, you may as well walk the entire 2.1 kilometre length of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If not scared of being on your own without a trained guide, use maps and public transport to commute from one landmark to the other.

When someone plans a trip to Hollywood, usually it is not the only place that they intend to visit. As such travellers are usually pressed for time. Getting a guided tour will help you make the most out of your Hollywood days. A trained guide can skim out the most noteworthy attractions for tourists, including or excluding additional stops as per the tourists’ wishes. You can even book a guided tour before you get to the city through the phone or the internet.The best way to be close to the celebrities is to call Hollywood your home. A California moving company is a great way to ease your transition into rubbing elbows with.

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